Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What do I need to get started?​

All you will need is a windows based personal computer or laptop and a printer.  Our program is easy to load and operate.  Once you have the program, buy only the amount of inventory you need to get started.  Many locations get started for around $500 and receive inventory worth over $1,200.  Send us an email to get more information.  

 02  Where can I sell?

Anyone who is interested in their family name or history is a potential customer.  Christmas is the perfect time to sell our products and nowhere can work as well as a a kiosk in a mall.  We have a special incentive program featuring free inventory for start up Mall locations.  Over the years we have had huge success at special events like fairs and festivals from gigantic State Fairs to one day events like an Octoberfest, St. Patrick's Day celebration or flea markets.  These smaller one day events are happening all the time and are very affordable.  By the way, our program is a "stand alone" program that does not require the internet.  If you already have a store or a location, bring a new product line to your store with huge margins and little risk.     

 03  How can I sell these Instant Family Heirlooms?

The short answer is the products can sell themselves because so many people want to learn more about their name.  But to be very successful you need to sell.  We know that everyone has their own sales technique.  That's why we include so many free features and bonuses to help you be successful.  Everyone wants to see the Coat of Arms, so we provide a free preview of the Coat of Arms and Family Name History.  To help your customer understand the significance of the Coat of Arms, we provide a free personalized report explaining the secrets behind the symbolism in the Coat of Arms.  You can even print a free Coat of Arms as a bonus with every Celebration Scroll.  You will get videos on features and benefits of the products and some sample closing lines and presentations.  We want you to be successful so you will keep buying more inventory!     

 04  Who should consider selling?

People want to learn about their name and its history so selling our products is more like talking to a friend.  There is something about our products that encourages customers to be interested and friendly.  So if you are a "people person" you will love this.  Our products are genuine and the information provided is guaranteed to be authentic so you can proudly present the Coats of Arms and Family Name Histories.  You will make new friends and enjoy providing them a family heirloom. 

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