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How old is my name?   Where does it come from?   What does it mean? 

Are there any famous bearers?  Is there a Coat of Arms listed under my name?


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Celebration Scroll
Our most popular product


Combines a Family Name History with the powerful image of the Coat of Arms.  Family Name Histories reveal the meaning and origin of the name, the earliest written records for the name and the circumstances surrounding that first record, immigration details, notable bearers, a written description of the Coat of Arms  all signed over a gold foil seal to assert the authenticity of the information. 

This will be an an instant family heirloom.

Recommended Retail - $29.95

Cost to print - $7.70

Profit - $22.25

Profit Margin - 74%

Single Coat of Arms
The Family symbol for nearly 1,000 years


The initial bearer of the Coat of Arms selected powerful images and colors to represent their family values and aspirations.  The Coat of Arms was displayed in a place of honor in days gone by - your customers can recreate that family pride with the Coat of Arms listed under their family name.  The Historical Research Center database covers over 1,000,000 names from over 145 different countries and cultures ready to print in minutes to create a dynamic gift for any occasion.   

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Recommended Retail -  $29.95

Cost to print - $7.00

Profit - $22.95

Profit Margin - 76%

Anniversary Collection
The ultimate wedding or anniversary gift!

The joining of two families is celebrated with the Family Name History for each name surmounted by the Double Coat of Arms.  You can even add the significant date and first names for a truly unique personalized gift.  Display a sample at your location and start taking orders.  HRC will produce the gift and ship it directly to your customer.  Just fill out the order form and leave the rest to HRC.  Professionally mounted and framed in solid wood frame with linen liner.

   Just take the order and leave the rest to HRC!!

Recommended Retail -  $129.95

Cost to print - $54.00

Profit - $75.95

Profit Margin - 58%

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